This year once again, a large percentage of monies raised by your ticket fees will be donated to CRASH Charity.


What CRASH does:       


CRASH is the construction industry’s charity.  We are a unique, practical charity that assists homelessness and hospice charities with construction-related projects.

How they do it:


CRASH helps create, renovate and construct places that care for people who are homeless or need end of life care in a hospice by:

  • Offering pro bono professional expertise

  • Sourcing building materials and the technical knowledge to use them

  • Awarding cash grants


Why they do it:


Well designed and expertly built environments have a positive effect on how we all feel and behave.  This is especially true for homeless, vulnerable or sick people and those who care for them.


How to get involved:


There are a number of ways you can get involved and support our work, whether it's becoming a Patron Member or fundraising like MYOC2019. To find out more visit our Fundraising events page or our Donate page.



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