Will this be your first time at MIPIM?


Never fear! It's a big event, and it can be a little overwhelming, however, MYOC has put together this useful and light-hearted guide with contributions from other seasoned MIPIM Veterans.


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Vee Roberts – Insight2Marketing
"Flat shoes, Breathmints, Business Cards, Spare tights, a safety pin and a smartphone to engage with your online community. (And of course if you don't have time to engage online, Insight2Marketing can do it for you)!!”

Emily Spink – ARC:MC Limited
“If it’s sunny and you have a lunch on the beach a) wear sun cream and b) rotate sides of table. Nothing worse than the half-head sun burn look! Also pack Berocca!”

John Macintyre – Technics Group
"Purchase decent Name Badges to stand out from the Crowd – look the professional Networker.”​

Katie Neal – Crofton Design
“Carry a bottle of water to re-hydrate after all the coffee and wine you’ll inevitably drink.”​

Clive Sayer – Baqus
“Stay over till Saturday – Friday a lovely relaxed day for the meetings you can’t fit in Tues-Thurs, and then enjoy a social dinner Fri night with friends!”​

Nikki Milward – The Marketing Centre SA
“Mobile phone charger and adaptor…..there’s always a flurry of purchases at the airport.”​

Mandhir Sidhu – Sq-m2

Janine Tijou – Designhive
“Take an iPad to showcase your business and your expertise!”​

Andrew C Taylor – Mill Group
“Pace yourself, it’s a marathon not a sprint – it is not remotely normal in a working day to kick off with champagne breakfasts followed by mid-morning aperitifs, wine at lunchtime, mid-afternoon cocktails, early evening beers, champagne reception, supper with wine, and then wind down beers with your new best friends (well not outside of the nationalised banks anyway), – keep your H2O levels up, you are not questioning your masculinity by swapping grape or grain for some water!”

Lisa Ashurst – Experienced PR Professional
“Try and give yourself sometime each day to sit on your own, organise the new contacts and cards you’ve picked up and work out how you will follow it up when you come home. Best to do it when it’s fresh in your mind. Oh and if it’s sunny, a 15 min walk along the sea front helps keeps you sane.”

Dan Prichard – Citygreen
“Book a liver transplant for your return!”​

Nicholas Winter – CBRE
“Lip Balm.”​

Gwen Gordon – NLG Associates
“Comfy Shoes.”​

Matt Clare – Chairman of Building Surveying Professional Group at RICS
“Euros… lots of them.”​

Neil Stanley – Freelance Sales & Marketing specialist

Beccy Lane – Positive Image Photography
“Umbrella! (okay so I’m a pessimist……) and gloves after last year!”​

Peter Rhodes OBE – Reed Midem (Organisers of MIPIM)
“Twice as many business cards as you intend, old shoes not new and for men cotton socks.”​

Beccy Lane – Positive Image Photography
“Umbrella! (okay so I’m a pessimist……) and gloves after last year!”​

Derry Long – MYOC/Platinum 3D Consultants
The follow up is vital for your ROI. Make notes on a contacts business card, you will forget where you met them. Then categorise your contacts Hot, Warm, Cold and Sink and make sure you follow up immediately on your return.

Rod Manson – Buro Happold
“Get your programme of meetings and events mapped out and stick to the plan rigidly, otherwise the itinerary collapses like a pack of cards!”​

Beccy Lane – Positive Image Photography
“Umbrella! (okay so I’m a pessimist……) and gloves after last year!”​

James Wood – Land and New Homes
“Always leave time for the unexpected. This is the perfect place for that chance meeting.”​

Richard Aylwin – Aylwin Communications
“Stop, look up into the old town and admire the beauty of the centuries-old Mediterranean architecture.”

Chris Brown – Journalist
“New mobile? Changed employer/network since last year? Check your phone’s activated for international roaming – before you depart.”​

Clive McAfee – Independent Project Management and Client Representation
“A pair of trainers. A brisk jog along the Croisette (or, if you’re brave, all the way along the coast road out towards Mandelieu) is the perfect way to start a new day – and clear the head after the last one!”​