MIPIM Tip #1 - Delegate Pass

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Will this be your first time at MIPIM in Cannes?

Never fear! It's a big event, and it can be a little overwhelming, however, each day, I will post a MIPIM Tip based on seasoned MIPIM Veterans experiences including my own.

Today's MIPIM Tip: Book your delegate pass ( Not only does your delegate pass get you into an amazing conference and exhibition. It also gives you contact details for all 25,000+ delegates. A priceless contact list that you should use after MIPIM itself. Make sure you fill in your company's and your contact details, website and social media links. Let others know what dates you are attending.

If you are going to MIPIM and want to get some pre-MIPIM networking under your belt, please consider attending MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes on the 4th March in London. Tickets available for sale at

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