MIPIM Tip #5 - Break in those new shoes!

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

46 days until MIPIM 10-13th March 2020

Surprise Surprise you are going to be doing a lot of walking whilst at MIPIM.

Those lovely new shoes you purchased looked great in the shop.

You have packed them for MIPIM.

Voila, your new shoes feel tight around the toes, they are rubbing at the heel, and they pinch with every step. ... It's the dreaded break-in.

Break those new shoes and make your trip and enjoyable one, not a miserable one.

Pack comfortable shoes, ladies consider taking flats and pack spare tights.

You may to consider packing a pair of trainers. A brisk jog along the Croisette (or, if you’re brave, all the way along the coast road out towards Mandelieu) is the perfect way to start a new day – and clear the head after the last one! - Top Tip from Clive McAfee

If you are going to MIPIM and want to get some pre-MIPIM networking under your belt, please consider attending MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes on the 4th March in London. Tickets cost £20 and are available for sale at

Buying a ticket raises funds for Crash - the unique, practical charity that assists homelessness and hospice charities with construction-related projects.

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