MIPIM Tip #10 - Pace yourself, it’s a marathon, not a sprint

It is not remotely normal in a working day to kick off your day with champagne breakfasts.

Follow this with mid-morning aperitifs, wine at lunchtime, mid-afternoon cocktails, early evening beers, champagne receptions, supper with wine, and then wind down beers with your new best friends.

Now repeat for a further 3-4 days. Getting up for a networking breakfast at 8am, after having gone to bed at 3am.

No-one will question your robustness by swapping grape or grain for some water!”

Your body is going to take a hammering.

Keep your H2O levels up.

Purchase a large bottle of water and keep by your bed.

You will be hungover, lack of sleep, too much alcohol.

Take it easy. Pace yourself. You have been warned.

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