MIPIM Tip #6 - Business Cards

45 days until MIPIM, 10-13th March 2020

Make sure you have plenty of Business Cards whilst at MIPIM.

You are going to meet lots of people and they need to remember you.

Check what stock you have, now is the time to replenish. You may want to make a specific card for MIPIM, possibly including your photo and any personal messages.

The last thing you want to do in Cannes is run out of Business cards!

"Twice as many business cards as you intend" - Peter Rhodes OBE

Highly recommended to make notes on a contacts business card, otherwise, you will forget where you met them. This cannot be overemphasized you are going to meet lots of people. MIPIM is the most intensive networking event you will ever go to. You have been warned.

Then categorise your contacts, i.e Hot, Warm, Cold and Bin - Derry's Top Tip :)

Just to remind you, if you are going to MIPIM and want to get some pre-MIPIM networking under your belt, please consider attending MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes 2020 on the 4th March in London. Tickets cost £20 and are available for sale at

Buying a ticket raises funds for Crash - the unique, practical charity that assists homelessness and hospice charities with construction-related projects.

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